Willow Creek Church

South Barrington, IL

  • Removed 400 ton Hitachi Absorber.
  • Installed 400 ton Carrier 23XRV Screw Chiller along with new condenser and chilled water pumps.
  • New machine includes variable frequency drive on the compressor and ultra-low load capacity to provide energy efficient operation and proper load for the building during off-peak weather when air conditioning is still required.

Pierce School

Chicago Public Schools

  • Removal of two 170 ton air cooled chillers. These machines were past their useful life and energy inefficient.
  • Replaced them with two new 170 ton Carrier air cooled screw chillers. These units were tied into the existing building automation system and are now providing energy efficient cooling throughout the building.
  • Installation was a challenge due to space constraints of turf field that could not be driven on by the crane required to lift the units into position.

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"Stanton did a great job helping engineer and install our 400 ton Carrier Fox Fire Chiller. They provided competent co-operative service and a professional installation at a great price. Our project was complex and provided some challenging issues but we worked together to address them satisfactorily. We are very pleased with the Chiller and installation. We will certainly consider Stanton for upcoming projects."

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